Sunday, April 5, 2009

Some Pics

So here is me with my lovely eye patch...I think I would make a lovely pirate. Right after this was taken I went to the hospital and someone backed into my car! Luckily there was no damage.
My beautiful and tall sister with her friend Patricia. She was going to Tolo.

Yes, I love her. Yes, she is crazy. We have a very tumultuous relationship. We either love or hate each other...I think it is because she is fifteen. But I take her to school every morning and pick her up from drama practice every day so she is required to love me.

I dyed my hair black! What do you think?? My whole family hates it but I kinda like it. :)


Chris and Mary said...

I like it. You can get away with any hair color because you're hott :)
Love ya gurl! Keep on smiling

emily and kevin griffin said...

goodness! you are eventful...i guess we both are...:) hope your eye feels better. i like your dark hair too!

Laura McGee said...

i like the hair! its super cute!!
and yes you would make a super cute pirate!