Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I am in New Jersey!

I made it here. But the first thing I noticed about New Jersey: THE ROADS SUCK. They are not clearly marked, roads have 4 different names, the roads change their name randomly, and the main streets are through residential neighborhoods. It is so confusing. My mom and I both cried one day because we couldn't find our way back to my apartment.

So it is muggy and hot here and my hair will not go straight and it is driving me absolutely crazy. But my school is nice. Here is the sign when you drive in on Normal Avenue. Isn't that funny that I live on Normal Avenue?

Here is where I live...right across the street is the train station that takes me right into Manhattan. So that is really nice. I have met two of my roommates...I have three. We are all grad students. One, named Katy, is from New Jersey and did her undergrad at Rutgers. The other, Singi, is originally from Zimbabwe and did her undergrad in South Carolina. So we are a diverse group! But I feel comfortable here, so that is good. The funny thing is that there are SO MANY groundhogs. They pop out everywhere and run. I think they are chasing me. I screamed so loud the first time I saw one...they are HUGE.

The coolest thing...this is the view of NYC from campus...what do you think???

So now I am alone in New Jersey. My mom left yesterday. I cried so hard. But I made it home from the Newark Airport and I didn't get lost. But that is only because I have a GPS system that tells me when to turn right and left. :) But I feel so alone. I miss my mom and my sister so badly. I love them so much and it will be so long before I see them and it breaks my heart. So right now I just keep crying but I also keep praying. I hope I will be ok. I know this will be worth it. I just wish my family and all the friends that I love were here with me to make me laugh. So I start school tomorrow...now I am an East Coast girl.

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Tess said...

Heather you rock!!! You're so brave and courageous! You're going to do amazingly at school. Good good luck on your first day!