Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Do So Promise . . .

I do so promise from this day forth to write a blog at least once a week so that my friends will stop harassing me! Haha. But I am sorry that I have not written since I left Utah and moved back to Washington! Here is what has happened:

Just so you know...I did graduate from BYU. :)

I still can't believe that I have my bachelor's degree.

My sister is so gorgeous...I am jealous.

This is Beth and Christy. I worked with both of them at the Religious Studies Center. I miss Beth so much (the one in the middle). I talked to her every day. She is going to law school this fall at the University of Idaho.

This is one of my all time favorite pictures! This is right after I got my diploma and I found my mom. I ran to her and was so happy. My sister was taking the picture and we didn't know it.

My brother graduated from high school too!! Believe me, it was a freaking miracle!!! :)

I have never seen him so happy in his life. I was so proud of him!

Eric asked Marissa and I to get dressed really early. He bought a shirt and tie...quite shocking...ironed his gown and was ready to go THREE HOURS before the ceremony. It was so cute to see how great it felt to accomplish his goal.

This is what I have been up to in Washington: I work full-time at the Western Institutional Review Board! It is a place that reviews drug studies and they make sure that all human subjects are protected. It is a great place to work; however, my job is not so much fun. I am their intern so I have to do whatever they tell me. Haha. But I have enjoyed having a job where I get to see my mom every day and eat lunch with her. My daily tasks include scanning sign-in sheets, data entry, shredding paper, and editing company policies.
I bought a car!! It is a 1998 Honda Accord. It is gold and silvery in color...some days I think it is silver, other days I think it is gold. I love it. It is automatic, it has a sun roof, a CD player, brand new tires, brakes, timing belt, transmission, etc. It should last me a long time! I get to drive all the way to New Jersey in it.
I went to Colorado to visit my friend, Justin, and his family. I had so much fun. His sisters, Cassie and Mikayla, are awesome! They made me feel at home and I was so sad to leave. But I now know that I love Colorado and maybe I can live there some day. I know I want to.
The greatest thing about being home this summer is that I have been able to spend so much time with my sister. She is now 14 and she will be starting Timberline in September. We have gone to movies, shopping, out to eat, we make cookies, we watch TV, we laugh, and we just get sister time. The last three years, I have been in Utah or I have been with Zach when I am home and we haven't had a lot of time to spend together. I am so grateful to have this time. Marissa is amazing and I love her. She is the best sister I could ask for. She has been through a lot but she keeps smiling and she is one of my best examples.

She even cut my hair and gave me bangs. She did a great job!

People say we look alike...but I don't know. :)


Chris and Mary said...

Yay for an update! I'm so glad you've been doing so much and loving the summer. Pretty soon you'll be out to the dirty Jerz!!

Tess said...

You sure do look alike! You're both adorable! I love that candid shot, too, at graduation with your mom. Why didn't we get a picture together? We are so silly!

Jamie said...

Heather I'm so glad you are going to do a post at least once a week :) I'm going to miss you so much when you move to the other side of the world!! I love you!!!!!

emily and kevin griffin said...

you look so cute in those pictures, and i can't believe how old your brother and sister look. yay for graduating...someday...haha. it's about time you updated your blog...:)

Cassandra said...

I'm glad you had fun here! You've always got a place to stay with me when you want to come visit your future Colorado home!