Thursday, April 17, 2008

First Blog!

Here I am about to embark on my last finals week at BYU ever. And what do I do instead of studying? I start a blog.

I figured that I should start this because I have no idea where I am going or what I am doing with my life. So wherever I end up: Washington, Utah, Virginia, Colorado, New York, New Jersey, Nevada, or Arizona, I can keep everyone posted on my life.

Here is what is happening so far. I graduate from BYU on April 24, 2008! Woo hoo. I started BYU in August 2005, so it went pretty quickly. My major is English and my minor is in editing. This whole year I have worked at the Religious Studies Center at BYU. I absolutely love being an editor there. It is so much fun and I am going to miss everyone I work with. I learned so much while I was there. I got to read talks by General Authorities and religion professors for twenty hours a was great!

If there is one thing people know about me it is that I HATE Utah. HATE--with a fiery passion. But now that I only have 9 days possibly left in Utah I realize that I love it. I love the people I have met, I love the mountains, I love the snow, I love the sun, I love the horrible streets and sidewalks, I love the fast drivers, I love the temples, I just love this state. Who would have thought?

This fall I will either be attending grad school at Fordham University (Bronx, New York), George Mason University (Farifax, Virginia), or Montclair State University (Montclair, New Jersey). I already turned down the University at Albany, even though I had a full-ride scholarship. I am a little crazy. But I still have a full-ride to MSU so we will see what happens.

I have also been accepted to Teach for America. That means I would be a teacher for two years in low-income school districts. I would be teaching in schools where the children are behind in their assessments and it is my job to try to get them up to the educational standard that they should be at. I will find out tomorrow if I could be teaching in Colorado, Nevada, or Arizona.

So I have to make a huge decision that will change my life in less than a week. Wow. I need to make the best of my last week in Utah.


Amy said...

Oh Heather, you know that whatever you decide will be fantastic and you'll be good at it, cuz lets face it, you're you. :) I can't wait to hear what you decide and how it all goes down! Congrats on having so many choices!

Chris and Mary said...

We're behind you in whatever you decide, my love! We miss you <3

Jamie said...

I agree, whatever you choose you will be perfect at. Do whatever makes YOU happy :) I love you!

Havalah and Brigg said...

I'm happy you have a blog. And dido with everyone else. No matter what you do, it will be the right thing. Also, i will very much miss you.